Friday, October 9, 2009

loving this

im totally the opposite of most human beings.

as many prefer summer, i prefer fall.
summer months are spent mostly in air conditioned living,
taking the opportunity for an occasional cookout.
but during the fall and winter, you can't keep me inside.
the last few days we have spent alot of time on our local greenbelt; twelve miles of beautiful trail that encompasses our county, set aside creeks and beautiful nature.
on wednesday afternoon, sweet hubbs and i went letterboxing for the first time, thanks to the introduction by my sweet blog friend Sarah Ruth.
its a scavenger hunt, of sorts. it was so much fun. so much fun, infact i have already scoped out new locations on our small trip we have planned this weekend, to attend the 30th fall homecoming of the Museum of Appalachia [here]

[random pics taken from our local greenbelt, downtown]

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