Tuesday, July 21, 2009

dear strange women,

a random babbling
from my heart.

o dearest pokey driver,
who pulled out in front of me today.
did you wake up with intentions,
to just get in my way?
for there was no other cars behind me,
so i just dont quite understand.
how you can just pull out and sit there -
on the highway. in your van.
im glad to know that to you,
that im not visible at all.
the red SUV i drive,
must not be so big, after all.
you made me late for work today,
&& for you I will say a prayer.
for the next time you will obey
the speed limit and not
make me wanna swear.

there is a speed limit.
i can assure you it's above 10
& i'm rather impressed.
i totally just made that up.


  1. Hee-larious post!!! I feel your rush hour, slow poke pain.

  2. Ohhhh that drives me crazy when that happens. Well, what goes around comes around. I guess patience is the best and just let the grouchy driver be on her way!

  3. I drive 176 every day to work, no joke, the price you pay for living in the expensive Bay Area and can only afford homes out in the suburbs where there is no work.

    Anway, I'm so over people who can't drive. Sometimes I just want to stop my car get out and shake the crap out of them.

  4. Too funny. Maybe her horse only goes so fast?

  5. That's so funny! A little red 1970s VW Beetle did the same thing to me today. Turds.

  6. LOL I have that happen to me way too many times

    Where is your Wordless wed picture?

    LOL I luv that you don't allow anonymous comments

  7. Hi! I couldn't possibly compile a list of lovely blogs without featuring your beautiful blog. In celebration of all things lovely, would you consider stopping by sometime to accept an award from me?

  8. Hahaha! Very creative way to let your frustrations out!

    Stopping by from Chrissy's blog to say hello! Have a great weekend!

  9. Hey new follower! Happy Saturday to you! I am slowly making my way around to all the blogs that visited me when I was featured on SITS to say "Thank you". It is indeed a fabulous SITStahood.
    Be blessed!

  10. So funny and talented are you! I think I was behind that woman yesterday! LOL

  11. Hysterical!

    I left you something on my blog. Go check it out!

  12. Nikki! Where is my Nikki?!?! Come out, come out, where ever you are!!!


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