Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a dabble

i dabbled in graphic design today. i think im falling
in love. but dont tell sweet hubby. because i kind of fell
in love with myspace, facebook, & twitter when i sat out to try themalso. i promise im not an addict. i promise. hey.
if you perhaps know how to or perhaps know someone who might
now of someone that could change my new layout to a
3-column. i will do something nice for you.

banana popcicles


  1. Just stumbled over here. I can change you to 3 columns. Just contact me through my website.

  2. I want a customized layout with 3 columns too! Your's is cute though.

  3. I just had a 3-column made by katie @ lemon cherry blogs.

    there's a link to her site on my blog, bottom right corner...


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