Sunday, February 1, 2009

growing pains

when i was younger,
like most...i felt, untouchable.
maybe like i was gonna live forever.
not that it couldn't happen to me....
but maybe, wouldn't happen.

how time changes us.

we learn to value life.
to take each day and make the most.
to fill each day with experiences,
that you will take with you, for always.

one thing that i stress over the most,
about getting older...
is "growing pains".

the new aches, pains, tingles, throbs....
to sum it up, i worry. freak. stress.
im a regular on
with that said, i don't recommend self-diagnosing yourself.

i still as of yet to find a gray hair;
which is beyond great news.
i stress enuf over the above mentioned "growing pains"
that a gray hair, indeed...would be a 911 freak out.

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