Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my new, new years resolutions

ive thought alot about my resolutions for next year, over the past few weeks. i think last year was the first year that i actually adhered to them and didnt forget them by mid-february. indeed, i am proud. my list last year was rather lengthy, but needed.

this year, i have a carry-over and 3 new ones. a simple list.

#1. carry-over
continue my journey of weight loss. since 12/5, i have lost 10 lbs & stopped smoking.

#2. become a nurse by 30
school starts in April. although my birthday is in October, I will be in clinicals by that time and will only be a few weeks away from getting my LPN license.

#3. debt
everything extra will go toward paying stuff off this year and getting on a strict budget. this is super important to me this year.

#4. baby
we will continue our journey to have a baby of our own.

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  1. Awesome Resolutions. I actually too have decided that weight loss is on my list. My daughter is going to exercise with me too. She thinks it's fun. I've decided that a big reward is best for our efforts. So I'm taking us to disneyland when I've reached my goal. I also started a Weight Loss Blog :) so we can talk about it. http://weightlosslivechat.blogspot.com/ Let's keep eachother motivated home girl. Glad you stoped smoking. I know how hard that is I did it myself. Much Love!!!


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