Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry, merry, happy christmas!

well, jolly ole saint nicholas has come and gone. i hope everyone got what they asked for.

christmas is so commericalized. when i was a child it was so simple. family. gifts for us kids. dinner at our mamaws house. but now, its a shoppy frenzy and the race to get the biggest and best gift. we kept it simple this year. and we were just as happy as we were last year, when we spent a small fortune. christmas is about the birth of our Lord. i wished everyone would keep that the center of their holiday.

jamie and i spent new years eve with our families. today, we enjoyed each other. we went and saw a movie this afternoon. now, getting ready for the new year. re-doing my kitchen. getting ready for part one of nursing school. im just so excited for this new year.

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