Thursday, December 11, 2008

it's's pouring....

and its suppose to snow tonight. im excited. i seem to be excited alot lately. hey! that's a great thing. we had planned on staying at my parents until tomorrow or saturday, but with them calling snow; i didnt want to take the chance of getting snowed in. we didnt bring dusty this time so i had to get home to him. i dont think we will get any thing significant, but one can wish. i want a huge snow. a blizzard would be great!

christmas is just around the corner and ive not bought the first thing. i think we are going to put our money for gifts toward our vacation for our anniversary in april. we really want to go back to ft. lauderdale. as for everyone else, im still leaning on a donation to the angel tree, in their honor. i need to hurry up and make up my mind, since the deadlines for that is this week.

i think my new fav at starbucks is the vanilla skinny latte. although fat free; its got a better taste and actually tastes sweeter. thanks go to kris.

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