Sunday, December 7, 2008

it's beginning to look alot like christmas

my house looks, feels & smells like christmas. lacking gifts under the tree, it's perfect. im excited. i cried several times during the process; finding all the sweet ornaments the kids made us last Christmas, as well as the stockings; just broke my heart. i did hang thier stockings over off the book case. i couldnt bear to fold them and put them back in the box. hubby said maybe i shouldnt, that we need to let go, but he understands. i love him so.

as for gifts under the tree; were going small this year. i honestly thought about making a donation to the angel tree in honor of each family/friend we have to buy for. but, im sure the kids in the family & of our friends, would want more than a certificate. i get nervous this time of year. i have no idea what to get people. i seriously stress. any cute, cheap ideas for the kiddos; i would love to know.

this weekend was good. kendra's birthday friday. yesterday, went & saw becca. kris & i had dinner with jason. quick visit to mom & dads. out with mel & mick. today, cleaned. christmas decor out. we were suppose to go to the living christmas tree tonight in knoxville; but with several people sick and in the hospital...we choose not to go.

i go in for blood work tomorrow; i may cheat and see how much weight im down already. or i might stay strong and hold off to not weigh-in until my 3 week check-up. my appetite is very, very low. i feel great though. im happy. and still super excited.

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