Thursday, November 20, 2008

not bad! not bad! not bad at all!

so, i recently was reading through my old blog posts; and ran across that little thing called, "new year resolutions". yes, that's right. did you chuckle? and then suddenly remember your list, that im sure, like most are forgotten by march?

here was my list:

1. become organized!
2. pay it off!
3. keep my schedule!
4. eat less. exercise more!
5. 2 Saturdays a month with my momma!
6. let it go!
7. more me time!
8. closer walk with my God!

here is my progress:

1. organized: YES! this year, all my closets have been cleaned. my decor back in order. everything has a home. PASS

2. pay it off: we have made progress this year on paying things off. of course, debt is reoccurring; and we still got quite a bit to go, but we made a huge dent. PASS

3. keep my schedule: i did awesome on this, this year. we had a great social calendar! PASS

4. eat less, exercise more: this just gets a big, fat FAIL

5. more time with my parents: yes, i made it to kingston ALOT this year. PASS

6. let it go: believe it or not; yes. i have learned "it is what it is". getting upset over things, just isnt worth it. PASS

7. more me time: absolutely! this year has been wonderful. friendships have been strengthend. made. more nights out. more time alone for pampering. its been a great year! PASS

8. closer walk with GOD: PASS you beth'cha! although not officially became members yet, we have been attending our church, here in maryville now for over a year. we love it!

ok, so i am excited! i dont think i have ever had success on new years resolutions. there are new things that im anxious to add for this next year! if you want to read the "in-depth" version of my resolutions 2007 blog; scroll through December 2007 posts.

hope everyone else had a successful year as well!

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