Thursday, November 20, 2008

is it bedtime yet?

today has just been one of those days. my hubby's work dropped the ball on an installation; and failed to tell him; until today...when he went in for his sales meeting, which is when checks are distributed. only, not to him. as a result, my normally sweet, adorable, laid back hubby turned into mr. gerald the grizzly bear. and instead of saying something to his boss; he says it all to me. and of course nothing at this point i can say is good, so i, in return, get the silent treatment all day. geesh, right? so i just let him do his thang; which was chilax on the couch, nappin on occassion. i went on a cleaning spree. thanks do go to my doggie; he was in rare form today and was extremly playful. those who know my dog; knows that just doesnt happen too often. so thanks dustee; for being the hi-lite of my day.

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