Sunday, November 4, 2007

save the drama for your momma!

ok, in this case - not the fact. uugh! i have certain friends who surround themselves in drama, unwarranted drama, everyday. all the time. and although great to appeaze my gossip appetite, its annoying, disheartening, and well, depressing. ive recently kind of became annoyed by it all - and am going to be making some adjustments. believe me, as stressed as i normally am about something going on in my life, with the hubby or kiddos - i don't need anyone making my life more stressful. in fact - i don't need to be brought down at all.

we had a great weekend without the kids. friday, had a bit too much to drink. saturday, awesome date with the sweet hubby and i. and today, we've sat around gossiping about people and just hung out. its been so relaxing. ive sent some resumes out - think im ready to get back out there and jump back into my career. i'll keep u updated.

well, off to get the kids.

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