Sunday, October 21, 2007

starting, again

ok, well as always i don't keep up with this but am going to make another atempt. things have been going ok. tater is doing good in school and mostly at home, other than the few things we continue to work on that are all just results of the home life she grew up in before getting placed with us. connor is still sweet as a button; he really is no problem. we decided to keep him home with us for now instead of sending him to preschool - we are waiting to get into another one closer to home. my little PT job didnt work out a week that i mentioned in an earlier blog - DCS had a fit because I was working for someone who had formerly saw tater - it was a big stink. DCS is such a joke at times; I seriously don't understand their purpose.

sweet J and I are doing good; still enjoying the quiet times we have with school being back in session. My social life is still in the deficit to what it should be and it still bothers me. I've recently been made aware that I have so much going on that it gets hard at times to even remember what I did yesterday; it seems at times my life truly is in fast foward....and im trying to identify what i need to do to slow it down. more 'me' time for sure, would help. ive been such a bad friend lately...i never can get out and see people, go to events ive been invited too, i either can't get a sitter or its during a time i can get the sitter and hubby and i have plans or im just so exhausted from doing all the other million things i have to do - i prefer to stay in and crash in my room - escaping from the life outside my bedroom door for a while; but that happens very rarely because i can either never get the time or it gets quickly interupted by kids. hopefully i can just put on the brakes and reconnect with me and find what i need and want to be happy. i think im turing into my mother more and more each day; she has always put others first, no matter what - and i am doing the same thing. although thats a great value to have; its very exhausting and at the end of the day leaves me feeling again that i never give me any time. my friends any time. but i'm determined. operation me time: underway.

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