Wednesday, October 31, 2007

once again on halloween night....

...the air is filled with goolish delight. there's goblins, ghost, skeletons & witches, it's enuf to scare ya right out of your britches!! [lol] that was a poem my daddy and i wrote for a home work assignment, many...many...moons ago; it's amazing i still remember it!

aaah, halloween. great times as a kiddo - i think i was always a witch and my bro,, year i was an adorable little clown =) then as i got older - i used to hit some pretty awesome halloween parties - but haven't even been to those in a few years. so...i am excited about taking the kiddos trick or treating tomorrow! going with some friends who insist this subdivision gives out whole candy bars, ha!

sweet J and I have NO kids the weekend - yippee! we haven't not had both kids in a while; i can't bring myself to part with 'em both - although the time away is wonderful and enjoyed.
guess that's it for now. hey - im keeping this up this time around, so i pat myself on the back from a job well done.

until next time, give me five up high. two down low, break the pickle....tickle. tickle. ~giggle

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