Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i love kelly clarkson

being 27 years old [only days til the big 2-8] i have never really had anything in mind of what i want to look like. ive always just been me. well, i love kelly clarkson. i love her look. her hair. her smile. her body...she is perfect...not thin/not chunky. we started the treadmill this past sunday as well as weight watchers and i am so motivated. i have goals....20 lbs. down by my bday [oct. 3], 45-50lbs down total by new years eve. when i hit 20lbs. - i get my new hairstyle, as ive posted below. i so excited. so motivated. ive really not set goals in a while.....may motiviation keep a hold of me and kick me in the ass until i have accomplished, the new me!!

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