Monday, May 30, 2011

I've fallen so far off the wagon, I totally suck.

Call me names, if you wish.

I don't really have excuses, but I can offer reality.

Our world was rocked a few months ago when my brother, who had been married for 17 years and has 5 precious children, came to my parents and announced the bitch wife had left him for a drug dealer and he needed to move in with the kids. This hit the family like a bomb. Total shock. She had been such a great mother, we thought good wife, but little did we know of her addiction to pills for the past several years which finally took control of her and cast her into craziness. So instantly, my parents had an extra 6 bodies and alot to deal with. Everyone is ok and after 8 long months, he and the kids have settled happily into their new home.

Our fertility journey. Let me see. I last updated everyone we were going to start again in April. Since we had already had 3 failed cycles, my RE wanted to do an HSG to ensure I had no blockage. This test hurt more than anything I had ever experienced. The results? Both tubes 100% blocked. We were rather annoyed this test hadn't been done before we spent all the time and money on the previous 3 treatments and almost 2 years of emotional hell. But, through faith we found understanding and were happy we finally knew what the problem was all along! I had surgery on May 20th to unblock my tubes. Additionally, mild endometreosis and scar tissue found during surgery was removed as well. The surgery was a complete success and we moved instantly into our 4th treatment. I started all the lovely fertility drugs last Tuesday. My scan is June 1 to see how many follies I have and my IUI should be this Friday, which falls on my hubby's birthday. My Dr. feels 95% confident that I will conceive within the next 1-3 cycles. We're hoping this one will be it of course! Please keep us in your prayers? I'll keep you posted on tests results!

Amongst all of this, we've had work, school and church. Down time consists of laundry and yard work. So, there hasn't been anytime for blogging. I have hopped on a time or two to read so I wouldn't totally be lost when I was able to rejoin the "family".

On the weight loss front, I feel off the bandwagon for several, several weeks through all this stress. I pretty much gained/lossed the same 4 lbs. for almost 2 months and haven't been to the gym since either. I finally got my head back in the game the day of surgery, and did the 5-day pouch. It seemed to be just what I needed. It really does work on cutting out those bad habits. As of yesterday's weigh-in I am 194.4. I'm in a size 12/14 and plan on hitting the gym tomorrow! (They closed early today). I'm so close to reaching so many personal goals - I can't stand it! The excitement pushes me through each day. I'm back to journaling my meals, pre-planning and preparing. Not eating out except one "treat" meal a week. I feel fabulous and am so happy I'm back!

NSV: I have fit into the 2 pairs of jeans I've saved since the year after I met my husband! I swore to myself I would fit into them again someday. Also, I fit into a pair of size 14s at American Eagle! I'm totally out of Lane Bryant! This is such a HUGE, HUGE victory for me!

I leave you with a few Summer 2010/Summer 2011 progress pics. It will take me several days to catch up!

Comparison - May 2010/May 2011
(Pardon the horrid before picture. Sad thing, when I was at the beach, I felt cute. BARF!)


  1. So glad to hear you found some answers and were able to do something about it!

    You're not too far off the wagon if it's only 4 lbs. I heard you can gain that much in a week from not pooping enough. LOL

    Glad to have ya back, hon! :)

  2. I'm so happy to see you posting again, I've missed your blogging.

    We all have those times where we yo-yo with the scale, the victory is not totally falling back into our old habits.

    You look marvelous!!

  3. been wondering where you got to. life gets in the way. it happens. no need for nasty name calling :)
    Happy to hear your brother and his kids are getting themselves settled after being upended like that. so sad.
    Also thrilled that you now have the answers and, it sounds, lots of hope for good prospects. Will be keeping fingers crossed that you have a happy announcement to make real soon.
    As for the weight thing.... it happens. you're back on track so no sense beating yourself up. you'll get there!

  4. Wow! I am so happy that you have found what was wrong and fixed it! Your change is amazing in the pics. Good luck with your fourth cycle!


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