Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 3 Challenge Results

Here it is ladies, Week 3 results:
Our top 3 biggest loosers this week are:
1. Nikki - Chasing Skinny.
I finally kicked the binge poundage and entered back into Onederland. I lost 6.8 lbs. for a total of 3.3%! I had a huge 5.3 lb gain last week, if you remember - so my overall % is still low because of that fiasco.
2. Amber - Jewell in the Rough
She had a wonderful week. She lost 5 lbs. for a total of 2.4%. Great job girl!!!
3. Leslie - Band Sweet Band
She kicked tail at the gym all week long and had an awesome 6.6 lbs. loss for a total of 2.1%.
As a group we lost 62.8 lbs, for challenge total of 180.6!
We're all doing so well! Keep up the great work. If you find yourself in a moment of crisis, reach out to the blog world through a post or email. That's what we're all here for!!!


  1. Woo Hoo!! I have never gotten mentioned in a challenge, I feel so special. LOL

  2. You all are rockin' that challenge!


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