Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This morning was most definitely a morning where I could've easily played hookie from work and slept the day away. The house was cooled comfortably, my furbaby was snuggled up so close, it was overcast and rainy. But, I peeled myself up and made my way in. I was supposed to be at the beach this week. Our oldest niece Rachel is on Spring Break and she had asked if we could go. We had every intention to go but due to my husband's blackout season at work (no vacations or PTO March 1 - June 4) we can't go. In fact, we won't be able to go until June 4th, which we take yearly for his birthday trip. Next month we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and it's kind of a bummer we can't take a trip. But we've decided to proceed with our 4th fertility treatment next month. I hope being down 60 lbs will have reversed that stubborn 'ol PCOS and we will conceive. God has a plan and I trust fully in him. [If your listening this morning big guy, I'd love to have a December baby, Amen!]

Last night I had another huge NSV at the gym. Last week on the elliptical, I did 3.2 miles in 40:20. Last night I cut over 10 minutes off and did 3.1 [which is a 5k] in 29:29. I tore that bad boy up! I felt fabulous! Tonight, I'm feeling up for a little back to back action with BodyPump and Zumba; it's been since Christmas that I hit both up in one night. I'm gonna try to recruit the niece to come with me. My only gym buddy is training for a half-marathon and isn't doing classes right now. It really makes a difference to me having someone to workout with, especially the classes.

Speaking of the gym, if you have a smart phone such as a Blackberry, iPhone or Droid - have you checked out the Pandora app? It is the GREATEST! Download the app, create an account (online is easier) and in the search box type "Black Eyed Peas". From there, it builds your radio station with all upbeat songs, awesome for working out! You can of course like or dislike each so it can better build your station. I love it and it's different everyday, which to me is awesome because I get bored with the same songs on my iPod.

Check it out!


  1. I could barely get out of bed this morning too. Must be something in the air.

    My husband LOVES Pandora, he talks about it all the time. I am always looking for more upbeat gym songs, they really help me keep going.

  2. I love Pandora!!

    It is yucky today isn't it! This morning is my day one with my God Daughter so I was up with her, took her to school, and then I will have her until thursday night! I couldn't get her hair to lay flat!?! haha

    Here is some baby vibes sent your way darling! You know I am rooting for you!

  3. You KILLED that elliptical. DANG girl!
    I'm getting back on the dang thing tonight. Wish me luck.
    I Loooove Pandora. I listen to it at work. My favorite right now is the Florence and the Machine station. LOVE it!
    And yes your header is centered. Glad I'm not the only one that notices things like that. I was starting to worry.

  4. You are a beast on the elliptical!! You are inspiring everyone to kick butt. Awesome job on the workouts!! I love Pandor. I use it when I'm on the dreadmill.

    God has a plan so keep praying for your baby. Sending you baby making hugs.

  5. Great job on the elliptical! That's amazing! I agree that working out is so much easier when you have someone to go with you. I really wish I had some kind of gadget that I could do apps on. I love pandora! Oh well. Moving on...Good luck on your 5k! I would totally donate but money is so tight right now. I wish you luck on your goal!

  6. Wow...you are absolutely kicking ass!! I love it!!

  7. I love my pandora app. I run it all day here at work with the premium account desktop app and I have it on the Roku box at home so I sleep to it. I also listen to it on my phone when I am walking. I would keep it going all the time if it would work with the GPS app on my phone too. :)

    My granddaughter is a December baby. Just barely, she was born New Year's eve two years ago. Good luck!

  8. Thanks for the info, checking out Pandora now!

    Baby making (((hugs))) and thoughtful thoughts coming your way! So true about God having plans for us!

  9. Keeping my fingers crossed for your fertility treatment. Cutting 10 minutes off your time is amazing. Just curious, what level do you do on the elliptical. I'm trying to get an idea of what level I should do when I use it. I guess it depends on type of elliptical. Thanks for info on Pandora. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

  10. Good luck with the fertility treatment!

    You are doing so well!

  11. Ok I love Pandora! I like the Pitbull station... a little different than what I usually listen to but all the music is upbeat.
    As for the fertility treatment... good luck with it!! We had to go through it to have my son Aaron and we will probably have to go through it again to have more kids. It is rough but it is all well worth it in the end!


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