Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fill 'er up

The good thing about fill days is I get to scoot out of the office early and have a long afternoon. Sometimes weekends seem forever away, and this has been exactly one of those weeks.

My visit went well. I noticed I had major port tenderness this time before the bee sting numbing shot. I've never had port pain before so that was odd. And it didn't help the medical student was given access to do the fill and she couldn't find it and poked around even more; oouchie! 

So, I went in thinking I had 8.2cc from my last fill. However he said I was at 8.6cc last fill and was measuring today at 8.2cc; so he added .6cc for a total of 8.8cc. I've indulged in some chicken broth since I've been home and it's went down slowly. What a welcomed feeling! 

I've made it over half the day on pure liquids so I believe I will go ahead with the five-day pouch test and get back on track and detox from the bad things that have slowed down the loss over the past several weeks. I will also revisit new band behaviors; weighing meat portions, eating slowly and only until content, no drinking 30 minutes before/after meals. Right now I am going to take one day at a time. I know days 1 & 2 of the pouch being all liquids will be the hardest; it makes me cringe just thinking of it. 

Question: I know our daily protein goal is a minimum of 70g. What does your surgeon/nutritionist recommend on daily carb intake?

Just a quick note also, I've kind of been behind this week on commenting - but I have been reading! 


  1. My nutritionist nor my doc gave me a carb limit. They said if you eat your protein first, then veggies, then carbs. You won't have much room left for them. I find if I follow that rule, he's right.

  2. my protein goal is 60 and no carb limit but honestly I eat little carbs by just trying to get the protein in. This will be good for you, I know it!

  3. My Dr recommends 60g of protein and 1200kcal daily. No carb restrictions... but I try and stay under 100 carbs since I am heavily carb sensitive.

  4. I just talked to my nutritionist about this last week!

    This is what she recommended for me with 1200 calories.

    Carbs = 120 grams
    Protein = 80 grams
    Fat = 45 grams

    Yet she also said don't obsess over those numbers, just use them as a guideline.

  5. Hi, girlie! Hope the fill does your body good.

    My surgeon just focused on calories and protein. Happy pouch test! :)

  6. my dietitian hasn't said anything as far as daily carbs...but i'm curious...especially as someone who is insulin resistant. since i'm newly banded and haven't yet had a fill, i don't know if i'll be able to eat them and lose or not. good luck on your pouch test :)

  7. My protein recommendation is 42+ grams daily. The nutritionist has me of course focusing on the protein first, then carbs, then fruits or veggies.

  8. I have random port tenderness too, it usually just goes away on its own. I don't worry about it too much - I just figure it's a foreign body attached to a muscle, so it acts up every now and then. If it didn't go away, I'd be sure to mention it to my surgeon.

    I haven't actually met with the nutritionist since before surgical practice doesn't "make" you follow a specific diet...I was wondering about the carbs but haven't seen anything specific.

  9. I don't know what my surgeon recommends carb-wise, but at least 60 g protein and stay around 1200-1300 calories. (Not that I usually get that much protein. Sadface!)

    Good luck with the pouch test. I was thinking about attempting it again since I'm getting a fill in about 5 days and I have to be (well, it's recommended!) on liquids for two days then mushies for two days afterward. :)

    Let us know how it goes!


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