Friday, March 25, 2011

Days 1 & 2 of the five-day pouch...check!

Liquids are done and if I may brag wee little bit; I did quite well. This morning I had the best.tasting.eggs, ever. Yes, they were scarmbled a la microwave style here at the office, but having not ate in 2 days, they were eggcellent! I also had 2 pieces of turkey bacon. I sat down and ate what I could in 15 minutes, just like a good little girl. I was able to finish about half the egg and both pieces of bacon. For lunch, I brought sweet and spicy tuna. Yummy. Today and tomorrow will be soft proteins. I also picked up some Chobani last night to try. I'm not a yogurt person at all, but Grace and Amanda have a mad love for it, so I wanted to try it out. I brought it for lunch today also. I have to admit, the commericals make it look so.damn.good.

So, I think I kind of jumped the gun last week with the big loss into onederland. I kept getting 199.something. Twice I got 196 - of course, I went with that. So, I think my true, true weight was 199.6, not 196.8, as reported. During the horrrrrrible weekend I had last week, all 5 days of it, I had jumped back up to 205.1. So with that number, and let me say that was mostly sodium weight, as I didn't eat THAT much, I know I really didn't get down to 196. My sweet and always supportive husband tried to maybe suggest that, but seeing I was so excited - he drifted off into being silent about it. The last few days have made the scale move way down and I know I will be back down to pre-sabotage weight by the end of the weekend. Life is good.

So, I have a bit of personal junk I wanna ask your opinion about. I try to keep that out of blog world but I feel your unbiased guidance may help.

Flashback: 2008 I became friends quickly with these 2 girls. One was a roomate of my childhood best friend and the other was the above roomates childhood best friend. We clicked quickly and became as close as sisters. In August 2009 there was something minor happened that was ultimately blown out of proportion, that caused one of the girls and I to drift apart and because she had been life long friends with the other girl, she too drifted away. In June of last year, church brought us back together. But, we aren't the same. They never call, text, FB, email. They always want to "get together" but only make plans amongst each other; the only texts I do get state how much I'm missed, loved and how we need to get together - but yet never get invites. I used to ask them to get together all the time, but after the "yes we need to's" never evolved into anything - I just kind of stopped. My question is, do I just need to move on? My fear is letting go will hurt so bad, yet my husband tells me the emotional hell I'm being put through is ten times worse. I look at it even further and realize that there really isn't anything here to actually let go of, right? I mean, we've done nothing since July of last year. Do I talk to them about it? Or do I just gracefully bow out? I shall say I have lots of beautiful, close friendships; I am truly blessed.  Your thoughts?

Can I please get some cheese with my wine?


  1. First..I dislike yogurt normally. But greek yogurt is different for me. It doesn't taste of fake sugar. I like it so much better. That being said about 25 minutes ago I said to my hubby "I am sick of yogurt today!" I want something else high protein to eat. grrr. I'll get back to it tomorrow!

    You are back on track and last week was a fluke I feel like.

    Ultimatly the friend thing is your choice. But here is how I feel about it: Sometimes you just have to let go. But don't take in personally. I know you are blessed in your life with fabulous friends and family. You are one busy lady and although there is always time for friends some times the effort just isn't worth it anymore. If you are like me I start to question WHY they don't try harder and why don't they like me and on and on. But in reality you're in a good place and it is their loss anyway. Continue to smile and shine and be who you are and later on down the line you won't even think of them except in a passing good to see you at Church kind of a way!

  2. You'll be back down to your pre-sabotage weight in no time.

    As for your "friends." I agree with your husband. Let it go. They obviously aren't making a real effort to getting close again. Before you put yourself through the ringer anymore than you already have, move on.

    There's a quote I like. People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Maybe these aren't meant for a lifetime.

  3. Try the Lemon Chobani, it tastes more like a dessert than a yogurt. SO GOOD!

    I think it's time to just let them go. You don't people like that in your life who make you feel bad or sad. :-)

  4. The Chobani is sooooo good. It's ruined me for other Greek yogurt. My fave is the peach (ok, I am a weirdo who will ONLY eat peach

    You are doing so great on the pouch test! I am going to see if I can hold out til my next appton 4/6 to get a fill, but even if not, I think I am going to steal your idea and do the pouch test after my next one as well. Seems to be a great jumpstart/slap in the head!

    As far as the friend situation - sometimes it's just easier to let go. It doesn't sound like there is a ton of history there, and if it's delicate enough to get blown out over something minor, then there might not be all that much substance either. Plus, it's just natural for people to drift. I have so many friends who nothing ever happened to pull us apart, we just lead different lives and while I might get sad about the distance, the honest truth is that we don't have much in common anymore. My advice is to stop beating yourself up about it, and focus on the wonderful, REAL, friendships you do have. Those are the ones that really count. :)

  5. I LOVE chobani yogurts. I get the plain chobani and add fruit and nuts and sometimes a squeeze of agave nectar for a little sweetness.

    As far as your friend problem. IF I were you I'd just move past them and let it go. I am that way though. I am not usually the one that holds my friendships together. I am very anti-social and there are very few ppl I would call TRUE friends and the ones I do know how to handle me and know that they may have to make more effort than I do at certain times. My BFF knows better than anyone. Sad but true.

    Then again I would like to say that friends you can get close to easily are worth the effort. Instead of "suggestions" to meet up and hang out then just make it happen! Don't take no for an answer. Then maybe a discussion of the situation with them could settle some unresolved issues and then they would start including you in plans again.

    Hope it works out.

  6. I agree with everyone else - letting go is probably going to be the easiest thing. It's hard to be let down time and time again, and I've been through this with people before. Maybe one day they'll come back around and want to be real friends with you, but until then... I wouldn't waste anymore time on them. :(

  7. Hi Nikki-- thanks for your support today-- here is mine:

    I think the ball is in their court to strike up the friendship again, and that it might be best for you emotionally if you just chalk it up to the natural drift of life and forget about them.

    Something like this happened to me last year too, believe it or not. I had a very good friend who suddenly just stopped talking to me (and everyone else-- none of us heard from her). I kept reaching out until finally, sadly, I just let it go. The weird thing is, she surfaced for about a month after a year of not talking, and then has disappeared for the last year again.

    Sometimes these things happen. It's not a reflection on you, so try not to let it get to you.

  8. I haven't read any of the above comments because I didn't want it to influence what I'm going to say. In my opinion, friends are not easy to make. Without knowing the situation that drove you all apart, it's hard to really give you great advice. However, I'd talk to your friends and let them know how you feel and that you miss them before you write them off forever.

  9. Peach Chobani is my favorite! Plus they have Chobani Champions now (which I think is actually "for kids"), but they are pre-mixed 100 calorie packs and PERFECT for me!

    Friendships are tough. I think you know when they are worth saving. And when they are, I would walk through fire to make that happen. However, sometimes, they just aren't and that's okay too. I had a friend who I loved dearly, but ever time I was done talking to her, I felt more sad than when I started. I found myself avoiding her calls and just being annoyed. And I just let it go. It hurt us both, I think. But it was the right way for me to go.

    You will have to do what is right for you. Deep down, you probably know which way you want to go. Follow your path, sweet girl!


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