Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bad bird, bad!

I hope everyone has had a beautiful and delightful weekend. My brother and my 5 nieces and nephews arrived after work on Friday and stayed the weekend. I love them so much and enjoy every second spent with them!

My fill went great on Thursday. I'm not quite sure the amount of fill. He said "it's very common to loose some of your first fill, so I put you back at 6cc's." To be honest, I don't think my first fill was a full 6cc because I have such lovely restriction with this fill vs my first fill. I've gotten stuck a few times, sadly. And speaking of sad, if you remember I love, love, love Thanksgiving turkey. Love it! We had dinner after church this morning and while I shall brag that I went through the line and only got 3 small pieces of turkey breast and a spoonful of salad greens, the outcome was terrible. After 3 small bites of turkey, Gah! Why turkey? Why? Why? Why? My brother, who had sleeve earlier in the year, re instructed me on how I have to chew, chew, chew since it's a dryer and stringier meat. Although I didn't PB, it took an hour or so before the pain went away. Later, I tried nibbling on a piece we brought home - and the pain resurfaced. Boo! I have got to come up with an alternative for Thanksgiving Day. I might have to put it in a processor and mutilate it. Either way, I will prevail! So if your a newbie (or seasoned) bandster - be careful with the bird!

This week is a short week. I worked holidays earlier in the year since I like to float to Thanksgiving and Christmas. (I like using PTO for vacations!) We will be having dinner numero uno at J's family and then later that day - heading to my hometown for a few days.

What's your holiday plans?


  1. We are going to a friends house on Wednesday night for a fancy thanksgiving meal! She is a really fabulous cook...then Thursday it will be at my house. My sister and her husband and his mother. My parents and a family friend. 8 all together!
    Not a huge turkey fan..although I love mashed potatoes! Have a great week, Nikki! Chat soon!

  2. Try the dark meat instead!! It's moister!

  3. Oooh, sorry to hear about the turkey! What about eating it with gravy? That will probably make it go down easier.

    As for holiday plans, Thanksgiving is pretty much nothing this year. It's too difficult to actually put together all of the proper T-day foods in Korea, so we'll probably just treat ourselves to a nice dinner out.


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