Sunday, January 31, 2010

snowed in

i'm kind of bummed. see, i reported yesterday that we didn't get a lot of snow, but there was enough to maybe build a small snowman. but, i had been down with my back since this past Wednesday [post-break] and we didn't even get to do that. booo! so, hopefully i will be healed and ready come our next storm, which i heard from a little birdie, could be next weekend. [think snow. snow. snow]

Jay did get to take sweet dusty for a ride.

this week, it's mandatory i get my hair done:  oh-my-geez!

the deal-e-o: so i went to this salon for years, but the last time i went, she totally ruined my hair. so, i let it grow out and found another awesome girl. called to get an appointment, she is no longer there. i think rule is, they have to tell you where they went. it seriously was the best hair cut i had ever had. so i am going to call tomorrow to beg see if they will give me the salon she went to. if they cant, i suppose i will try the Aveda salon. They are a bit pricier but for the perfect hair cut, i will pay whatever. plus, i am seriously thinking that i might get some color. perhaps i will wait 'til the spring. i really like my brunette, it's hard to part.


  1. We didn't play in the snow either. I still could though. We have a lot!

    I want to change my hair too. I'm thinking perm...

  2. i would love to have curly hair. but i wear the reverse bob. love it. its so full of texture and layers. :) your hair is thick, right? curls would look great.


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