Wednesday, November 25, 2009

crafty in the kitchen, well kind of

every holiday-eve, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, i spend hours with my mother in law, helping her prepare for their big day. their family is larger than mine and over the years, my help evolved into a requirement since i have a passion for cooking. i love these days spent cooking with such a wonderful person i adore. we have so much fun. and prepare so much food.

i make the desserts. & this year i made a beautiful lattice crust apple pie. now, i had never made a lattice crust before, so this may not be as exciting to most, but to me...a beautiful accomplishment. i also got to use yummy canned apples from their apple orchard this past summer. can't wait to enjoy!

1. Thaw Pie Crust. 2. Roll out, smoothing any wrinkles. 3. Slice one crust in strips. 4. Mix cinnamon, nutmeg & sugar, to taste - to fresh, canned or apple filling. 5. Smooth second crust in pie pan, rounding edges. 6. Add butter to apples. 7. Add first layer of crust strips. 8. Weave second layer in an alternating "over/under" pattern. 9. Pretty. 10. Bake in oven, 375 until crust starts to turn brown then remove & brush with egg whites on top of crust, replace back in over for additional 10 minutes until golden. 11. Love it!

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  1. that looks yummy! i was tired of pumpkin stuff for thanksgiving soooo i talked my amazing baker/chef hubby into making an apple pie. ALL from scratch.. right down to the crust. ;) he did fantastic. even with his own crust and lattice top.. i wish i had snapped a photo though. next time!


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