Tuesday, November 24, 2009

be sure to g-i-v-e some of you

continuing my busting-at-the-seams giddiness for the Christmas season, I wanted to share this wonderful event that we have locally. i am from Roane County, Tennessee, Kingston to be exact. a small, quaint town - set among Watts Bar Lake. small and beautiful; i love the place i call home. each Christmas, the town hosts a wonderful event for the less fortunate, called Operation R.E.A.C.H; (Roane Enriches Another Child's Holiday). leading up to December, road blocks and fundraisers are held throughout the county, to raise money for this event. needy children at schools throughout the county are signed up to participate. the first weekend in December, the local Wal-Mart opens their door to this event. Bus loads of children are shuttled in. they are paired with a volunteer, someone like me, and for 2 hours, shop for the things on their list, with an alloted $200 per child. we shop for things on their list, in which they have listed their "wish list" for immediate family members.  these children pick socks and shoes over toys, even lotions and soap over socks. they buy candles or a screwdriver for their parents, which is what "they have always wanted". this is such a humbling experience. after shopping, we all shuttle back to a local school gym, where we get to help wrap all the items purchased, followed by lunch. not only have you helped someone make a special Christmas, it's often the case that you have given them their first real Christmas. and most touching, you make new, little friends. you bond with these special little Children. the first year I went, I got a little girl, age 6. the second year, randomly, I got matched with her sister, age 9.

it always puts life in perspective that it can change, at any time. some of the precious children, had families who had just lost a job or lost their house to a fire. if your county does something like this, or similar - please don't pass up this opportunity. if not, participate in an Angel Tree. these are the greatest holiday blessings.

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