Wednesday, September 9, 2009

tuna sandwhich & a big side of i so don't want this for dinner.

that's what i got.
actually, tuna minus the bread.
its all i had time for, really.

it was defiantly a night where, after accomplishing the cleaning of 7 rooms, i was destined straight for the couch. and having cleaned the above mentioned rooms, i had no time for the grocery store. our work never ends. this is a true statement. the darling hubbs worked only a half of day today & lethargically watched from the couch as i was drifting in circles around the house. im not sure i still quite understand his game plan. perhaps maybe sitting still in one place avoided spreading dust back on the tables?

aww. now just how sweet is that


  1. Your husband and mine must have the similar ideas :)

  2. teehee
    sorry 'bout the lack of help.. and real sorry 'bout the tuna un-sammy!


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