Sunday, August 30, 2009

ISO: a fun, easy, something!

sadly, as crafty as i have been in the last year, is when i redecorated
our guest bathroom.Bold

i really want to find a new craft. all the scrapbooking
i see online, is so amazing; but it all seems so overwhelming. any suggestions?
something thats easy to get started. low cost. & great to pass the time?


  1. Ah scrapbooking is so much fun. It is very overwhelming to start but here and there just pick up some stuff at michaels craft store (they usually always have a clearance) or the dollar trees here have a section. Its all basically creativity.

  2. maybe i lack the creativity part then. ha!

  3. is that your bathroom?? did you do that??? LOVELY!! Scrapbooking is tons o' fun! Check out some of the modge podge ideas on some blogs out there. Great stuff! :) As far as scrapbooking goes take a class... they're fun!


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