Tuesday, February 24, 2009

dear connor,

tomorrow will be a sad day for us.
it's your birthday.
there hasn't been a day go by that we
have stopped loving you and missing you.
your in my thoughts, always. i still laugh
at all the funny things you did. cry that all
we have left are memories. your room is still
the same. your little shoes. your toys. the little
writings on the wall you loved to sneak and do.
they are all so precious still to us. how i miss those
beautiful blue eyes and your big, happy smile.
we hope you are happy. we hope your new foster
parents and foster family love you as we did.
we hope they are good to you. and that you are
happy with them, as i know you were with us.
we have fought in your honor to change things, but
we have had no luck. you were like our own.
please know, little one, that
this was out of our hands. i hope you think of us,
as we do of you.

forever and always you will be our little boy.

here's wishing you a wonderful & happy 6th birthday.

we love you, deeply, totally and always,

Momma and Daddy


  1. He is adorable. Huge hugs, girlie!!!

  2. awww that's so sad. I hope you get to see him more!


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