Sunday, December 30, 2007

new years resolutions; my completed list!

ok, continues from a blog a few weeks ago, i am now able to list all of my resolutions for this year. and this year, i am going to stick with them. because i think these will provide structure to which i need. having kids this year, i lost me, and i am excited about getting me back!! so, here's to you, year 2008!!

previously recorded:

1. become organized.
back when jamie and i got married and moved into a townhouse; i was the martha stewart of our complex. everything had a tote. with a label. and its own place, nestled snuggly by another, all cozy in a closet. if i needed something, i knew exactly where it was. i had decor for all seasons and holidays. i had wrapping paper/gift bags for every occassion. over the years and through our moves from maryville to kingston, and back. ive became a pack rat. not in the terms of i keep everything because i cant live without it. but it the terms of nothing has a place anymore. i cant find anything…its either in a closet, somewhere in my house. in the attic. under a bed. in the garage. its a domestic nightmare. so, my first new years resolution for 2008, is to become organized again.

2. pay it off!
i hate debt. probably more than the next person. not only does it prevent me from snatching up every pair of cute and perfect shoes i find but it prevents me from being free from worry. i hate the pressure of knowing you owe somebody, somewhere, something…..i want to be debt free. so, my second new years resolution, is to pay it off!

3. keep my schedule.
im the world’s worst about making plans with someone, rather it be to meet with my dr, family or friends; and canceling. if the slightest thing comes up, that might make me rushed in the teeniest, tiniest amount; i’ll cancel. honestly, i think being a stay at home mom this year, turned me into a homebody. and i come up with every excuse not to leave my house. i seriously hate that about myself. i think the lack of my social life this year, was (whispering in a very, very low tone, “my”) fault. so, in 2008 - if i make plans with someone. they will be kept. i want to be a dependable friend. i always have been, but my recent track record has stunk! so, my third resolution in 2008, keep my schedule!

4. eat less. excercise more
as always, i couldn’t make my list complete, without this one. what new year’s resolution list doesn’t have these goals? weight watchers has done so very well for me in the past. i want to find a buddy to got to meetings with again. excercise with. the moral support is a must for me to succeed. so my 4th and final resolution is too eat less/excercise more!
newly added

5. let it go!
the older i get, the more i see the 'cook' blood come to my surface. im quick tempered. have horrible road rage [and store rage]. so this year, im going to just let things go! im not going to be bothered by all the silly stuff that this year, really got to me. i'm going to let kids be kids. poor drivers, drive around me. crazy shoppers, go right on ahead......this will help me develop a more positive attitude. in which i need!

6. i wanna talk about me, i wanna talk about I.....
this year, i am going to find myself again. over the past few years, actually, ive lost it. but i am going to aim to please myself this year. bubble baths. pedicures. manicures. shopping. shoes. trips w/ my girls.....they will all be added back into my schedule!

7. Just a closer walk with thee
last, but definantly not least, is my relationship with the Lord. "Through me, all things are possible". I know strengthening my relationship with my Lord....the above 5 will fall right into place.

now, although this would appear to be a pretty lengthy list, exspecially to most people.....these are definantly resolutions that i need. i am excited about a fresh new start....and this year is going to be the best i've ever had.

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